View Full Version : Resellers - A more profitable plan with fewer headaches!

Jan 29th, 2002, 11:46 AM
Are you reselling now, or looking to resell?

Most companies will sell you a certain amount of space, which you resell. As you grow, you have to upgrade your account until that day arrives when you can't upgrade any more. So you have to buy more accounts. Think that limit doesn't come fast? Consider this, you sell 50 accounts, just 50 with 100 mb of space - that's 5 GB! Now what do you do with your 1 or 2 GB's of space?

Buy more accounts. Now you're administering 2 or more 'Admin' accounts plus customers. Then you've got invoicing and billing, account setups... Whew!

Integra Hosting's Ultimate Freedom Reseller plan offers freedom from those kinds of headaches - our reseller control panel automatically handles setups, invoicing and billing for you. And you'll only ever need just 1 reseller account - ever!

You sell from the same disk space as everyone else, so you have a share of minimum 40 GB hard drives. You set up your own plans, charge your own prices. We charge you for the disk space and bandwidth of the plans you actually sell. Sell a 100 mb account with 3 GB of bandwidth, your cost is just $6.00 per month. We sell those retail for $10.95!

You can charge your customer for mailboxes, mailing lists, IP's, almost any resource on the system. You can set limits on their disk space and bandwidth too. Give your customer 10 free mailboxes and sell extras at your rate. With the HSphere reseller system, you have complete control over your plans.

Each reseller account is $35 per month plus resold plan costs. For that, you get space for you site, our famous support with extras (ICQ, toll-free phone, manuals), and a highly automated HSphere reseller control panel from Positive Software that will automatically handle your signups/setups, invoicing, billing and has an integrated support desk right in the customer control panel.

Your customers will get the powerful HSphere panel with the built-in online web site creation tool, Site Studio. Many 'normal' support requests hosts get can be taken care of by your customers themselves, such is the power of HSphere.

When you look at the long term, the advantage is clear - The Ultimate Freedom Reseller plan from Integra Hosting is the key to your success as a webhost. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance to you.