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Apr 10th, 2002, 02:29 PM
Greeting all,
I am founder and co-admin of the Imperial Archives website. We are a website that specializes in 3D models, and 3D aplications.
We have been around for over a year and have been quietly growing in size. We have recently moved and redone the site.
We are currently looking for banner adveristers / sponsers for the site. We currently have about 2000 unique users a week, page views are running about 27k a week or so.
Since we are just starting out on this new site I don't have monthly numbers for you at this time. But please stop in at http://imperial.star-fleet.org/index.php and check us out as well as our ad rates. it's a great way for a start up, or even and established company to get it's name infront of 1000's more people a month.