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Jul 21st, 2009, 07:56 AM
Top backup storage devices on Backupschedule.net. Visit www.Backupschedule.net to see the detailed statistics on what backup devices people use to protect critical data.

Backupschedule.net - a mine of backup news, backup resources and backup articles are glade to announce the results of Data Backup Poll. What backup device do you use? This was a question about backup storage which website visitors were invited to answer.

Statistics information shows that the first place is taken by HDD backup device. 41.9% of users who voted in Data Backup Poll prefer to keep reserve copies of important data on external hard disks. USB devices are also very popular and divide the second place with Other devices category - 16.9% of user votes. Online backup storage (www.remotedatabackup.net/online-storage.shtml) takes third position in our ranking with 10.0%.

While top positions taken by HDD, USB and Online backup media (www.backupschedule.net/backupmediastoring.html), DVD backup has taken unexpectedly few votes (it is only 8.7%). FTP, CD and Floppies have less than 2% each and are on the lowest positions of the ranking between all backup storage devices (www.backupschedule.net/choose-backup-storage.html).

You are welcome to visit Backupschedule.net to see the detailed statistics on what backup devices people are likely to use to save data from dataloss and other security accidents possible. Regardless of what backup storage you prefer to protect your sensible data for yourself on Backupschedule.net you will find perfectly structured information about backup with illustrations, all necessary details and explanations.

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This site is very helpful to some beginners in the field of online backup. Thanks for sharing some tips on how to have more data and file online, hoe p it will really very use ful for the people's.