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    Why Do You Need Dedicated IP

    If you are serious about your website (be it business or personal) you need a dedicated IP address why?

    For the web hosting company the easiest way to manage multiple customer accounts and provide affordable services at the same time is to host as many as possible on the same server and to give them all a common IP address ( We call that Shared Hosting Plan ).

    The IP address is the real address of a website. Your domain name (URL) doesn’t hold the magic answer to all your problems. If you choose the cheapest web hosting plan you can find you will end up sharing the same server and the same IP with hundreds other websites.

    Sharing the same server is not as bad as sharing the same IP. If a site sharing your IP gets in trouble for spamming, links to bad neighbors or is involved in phishing or other illegal activities, there is a small risk that your site will get penalized too.

    It is in your best interest to buy hosting with dedicated IP.

    What do you think ?

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    i think that first of all you don't know who your neighbors on the shared server are and that why you are using dedicated IP. I personaly do not want my sites be associated with others by IP. For me it is the main reason of dedicated IP.

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    I think you have some misconceptions about IP sharing. It is not as bad as you are making it out to be.
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    Unless you need an SSL then there is very little reason to get a dedicated IP. Yes it is true that sometimes IPs get blacklisted because of SPAM but it is more likely that the specific domain will get blacklisted.

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    If you are realizing that you need a dedicated IP address and already have your site hosted on a shared IP address, you are not necessarily "stuck." Many hosting companies offer the option to upgrade or move to a dedicated IP. Most companies will charge extra for this service, but not necessarily all like which is my host. Your site may be down and unavailable while the changes take place, but this will vary by hosting company and should not be too inconvenient.

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    Havent heard about anyone getting penalised because of sharing IP. It is foolishness to do so, when 90% of the websites doesnt have a dedicated IP.
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    Many companies provide dedicated IPs in their plans. is one of them. They offer 2 static IPs in their package plans. Do you need statiс or dynamic IPs?

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    I think dedicated IP will be better for your site. However, you think too bad about the shared IP. It's not really like you may think Most websites are still fine with shared IP.
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    From a shared hosting view it's not a bad thing to use a shared IP (as you are making out), personally i would only ever use a dedicated IP if we needed to put a SSL certificate on it.
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    I would use a dedicated IP only if I need an SSL , otherwise there is no need for that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kiom View Post
    Many companies provide dedicated IPs in their plans. is one of them. They offer 2 static IPs in their package plans. Do you need statiс or dynamic IPs?
    How much do charge for dedicated IPs on their shared plans?

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    dedicated IP is a good choice, IMO

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    A dedicated IP is essential if you send mail. A shared IP can result in blacklisting of your email just because someone else sent spam or was hacked.

    If you don't send mail or use SSL, you really don't need a dedicated address for web hosting.
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    I personally don't think it matters at all if you are on a shared server. 99% of all sites are hosted on shared servers and most of them fare very well. And it is your domain name that is the most important thing of all. Your ip may change but your domain will remain the same.

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    dedicated IP is used only in creating CSR (for SSL creation purposes)

    It is also used in search engine optimization.

    Other than this, a shared IP is adequate enough

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