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    Fraud with Google Adsense message boards.

    Google AdSense is used to advertise on Google by users. When a visitor clicks on that ad, the site owner receives an average commission of 0.45 cents. The high traffic sites can easily make more than $ 10 000 per month. But there are bulletin boards speak scams created by public authorities and individuals. They say that by artificially generating traffic can help you. This is a scam and warned by Google. More traffic, the highest percentage of people who click on ads.

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    I saw in the news yesterday how there was a large sting operation related to a scam of this type. I can't find the article right now but I do believe it involved click thru. Has anyone else seen this in the news and if so can you post the link? It would help us all to know the details so we don't get caught in the trap.
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    Google uses numerous techniques to detect fraud so over the long term these sites will be detected. Some of the techniques used include:

    -Cookies to identify real web browsers vs bots
    -Looking for duplicate IP Addresses making the clicks
    -Tracking the IP that logs in to the AdSense account and seeing if you click your own ads

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