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unlimited hosting

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    unlimited hosting

    Do you believe in reliable unlimited hosting?
    I have seen some companies (jolis.net, hostgator, etc.) provides it on favourite terms.
    What do you think of that?

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    Most of the web hosting providers tend to offer unlimited web hosting plans. But, personally and according to my experience, there is nothing like unlimited in the web hosting industry. The term "unlimited" web hosting providers use is just a gimmick played by them to attract customers and make them sign-up for at least an year. Its better to opt for a limited web hosting plan, which ensure you the allocated amount of server resources, which can be upgraded as required.
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    Unlimited hosting can be really reliable if it's used from the right company.
    Hostgator.com and jolis.net have many positive feedbacks and think if the webmaster uses their services, he will get really quality services.

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    Post Re:

    Well, very rarely trust companies that offer unlimited space/bandwidth etc. as this is blatant overselling. Companies that offer unlimited hosting features may not be around long and their other services tend to suffer - e.g. support.

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    Nothing is unlimited in this world … so how could it be possible that web hosting industry is an exceptional case … Unlimited is a marketing tactics to attract customers … and if hosting company promote unlimited hosting plan then it doesn't mean unlimited RAM and CPU usage …
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    I believe there are reputable web hosting providers who have pleased lots of customers because of their great web hosting services. Some people have the wrong perception either because they encounter a bad experience before or they though they could take ownership on a shared server which is not fair for the rest of the shared server's users.
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    "Unlimited" does not exists in the Hosting world. The resources like Disk space and Bandwidth are the Backbones of the Hosting service providers and it's not possible to offer unlimited resources on any of the hosting plans. This clearly shows the marketing strategy used by companies to misguide clients. Dedicated servers are far more costly then Shared/VPS plans. So there is no use of selling Dedicated servers if the same amount of resources like space or bandwidth can be used on Shared/VPS plans by paying just fraction of cost. You can consider a hosting plan which offers limited amount of resources and easily upgrade the hosting plan as your website grows big to experience Quality Hosting services.

    Such Unlimited packages too have restrictions on CPU and RAM. So make sure that you clarify these things before sign up or else the hosting provider will suspend your website without any prior notification.
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    Always read your TOS (Terms of Service) with any unlimited/unmetered service. Many places offer your unlimited space, but it can not be used for videos or media. Lots of little marketing tools to attract new clients. Think of this way you can build a car that travels 200MPH but you still have follow the speed limits.

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    Practically, its not possible to offer unlimited resources like space, bandwidth etc. Hosting companies who offer such hosting facilities have certain hidden restriction or certain policies which you are unaware of at the time of ordering the hosting package.
    Advertising themselves as the companies offering 'unlimited' resources is a marketing strategy so as to attract prospects and convert them to customers. Potential cleints are attracted reading the word unlimited and fall for the same.

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    Most of the web hosting providers tend to offer unlimited web hosting plans

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