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    How to design my website myself,without any training in it?

    Can I design a website myself,even though I do not know how to do it. Are there any software tools available on the net through which even a lay person like me can design?

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    You could try using our website builder ( all you need is a hosting account with us.

    Alternatively other hosting companies provide similar tools.
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    Yes, you can design your good website by using CMS (content management system). It is an open source software or tool which enables you to design your website by simply adding plug-in of it. You can go with the latest CMS platform like this wordpress, joomla, drupal, magento.

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    Website builder and Content Management System are both good tools you can use to design your website. Many hosts provide this for free when you sign up for a hosting account. Inquire about if it has a cost or if it is an added value for free that your host is providing to you. Some companies will charge you for their site builder programs so check before you sign up for the service.
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    Yes, you can design your site on your own. Most website builders are very user-friendly that even if you have zero website development or design skills, you will be able to create a decent site.

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    According to me,there are couple of sites that you can design you're own sites without knowing the program. They are Wordpress,Tumbler,Weebly etc . Among them Wordpress is best.You can start with simple design and get complex the more you learn about it.

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    You can design your websites with Content Management System. Also, there are may free websites builder tools available in the internet using which you can design a websites without any coding knowledge.

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    Yes you can. Their are various tools or service which provides you to create website without knowing language.

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    Site developer and Content Management System are both great instruments you can use to outline your site. Numerous hosts give this to free when you agree to a facilitating account. Ask about on the off chance that it has an expense or on the off chance that it is an additional quality with the expectation of complimentary that your host is giving to you. A few organizations will charge you for their site manufacturer programs so check before you agree to the administration.

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